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Flower & HoneyComb Wax Review .. Yummy products & I Love this mom

Bought from weedsmart for over a year now!, The wife and I have had some of the best flowers and concentrates from this company Some of the nicest recently being this 3 Gram Chunker of "Grape Krush" Honey Comb I have recently upgraded my dab rig so it was nice to have this 3g to break in the new rig , Also learn the start and stop times, IT was perfect as it is easy to work with and a perfect quality smoke/vapor when heating the quartz banger proper *Which I am just getting used to* *This product is a smooth inhale and very potent on the exhale with a nice semi gas taste and aroma in the air when blowing out the smoke!. The flower I got this time was some Hybrids,Sativas & Indicas Grape Krush: Flower I thought would be nice to go with the Grape Krush Honey Comb, very purple and nice looking frosted up nugs very beautiful buds and bag appeal! Smokes smooth clean white ash full bodied smoke not as gassy as I would have expected must be the Grape genetics!. Mild citrus/fruitiness and very mild sweet/gassy on the tongue when inhaled!. Green Dream: Beautiful hybrid strain has a nice semi dense bud structure very nice lighter green with very few amberish red hairs . The bud smokes good has a decent taste , Not a super strong aroma to the bud when smelled originally I believe it is just the strian though as the effects are good and taste is also good .. It reminds me of an almost 50/50 sativa hybrid mix but I am maybe wrong just guessing here lol!.. Raspberry Cough : This strain right here is a winner winner chicken dinner!, I will be hopeful to grab an OZ of this one soon!, Very beautiful strain has an amazing vibrant aroma and a very upliftting taste when smoked ,.... Needless to say I truly enjoy a strain like this one!,, More sweet then sour and a slight gassiness under the berry aroma and tastes!... A True 10/10 Also worth noting the nugs were all CAKED in crystal and the buds were perfectly cured ,very ddankkkkk and veery sticky!!. Perfect AAAA strain Grab it while you can!.. BlueBerry Skunk : This has been a go to of mine for awhile , t Nuken : This was a beautiful huge nugs amazingly fruity indica strain has a nice aromoa right out of the bag and an amazing bud structure for each nug the bag appeal was unreal!.. The taste and aroma when put into a jar was almost unreal the terp profile on this batch was amazing almost mouth watering!. Pineapple Express: The classic strain named after The "Pineapple Express Movie" has a nice fruity aroma and taste nice big dank buds very nice structure and bag appeal smokes very clean white ash smooth inhale slight citrus but mostly sweet fruitiness to this strain overall very enjoyable probably one of the most enjoyable batches I have ever honestly smoked of Pineapple Express.very sticky, Tasty and aromatic buds!, Beautiful smoke all around 100!..

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