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Author: just1doper


Joined In Feb 2019

About Me

I am Just1Doper , A Canadian Cannabis Enthusiast I love to review quality Cannabis products and hope to some day have my own platform to help the people < Much Love & Respect for all!. Stay true to you and great things will come :D


just1doper 4 Reviews
Great service and quaity (Check my IG for quality DHO medicinal photos from this review! @just1doper

Hey check my IG for pics of this review @just1doper I had Pink Cookies - Which was very nice gassy and pungent had a nice high and smell right out of the bag no need for a boveda Purple Frost , Unique smell great taste burned clean and left a nice after taste in my mouth!. God Bud - The classic God Bud , This one was a nice classic indica strain smooth inhale potent and pungent exhale has a slight hybrid style look/flavour after a few puffs!!. 9.5/10!! Solid strains , Price point and solid M.O.M to deal with! 100% recommended!!!!

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just1doper 4 Reviews
Have been a loyal customer for a little over a year and every order I am still very :D !! Impressed!! A1 Service A1 Product A1 People to deal with!!!!!!

Hello! So, I wanted to post a review on here for I find the team at weedsmart to be very smart (pun intended) ;) .. Seriously though, when it comes to choosing the right kinds of cannabis products they are a great team. I have been a long term customer and have had the pleasure of trying quite a few varieties of products offered over the last year! I am very grateful this team has such good taste in flowers and products on offer. I love the gassy indicas and fruity sativas as well as in the middle hybrids, so I find they usually have a very nice selection to choose from and damn near every order I have gotten has been a fire pack 10/10. Once in awhile I won't personally like a strain or two ... But I mean that is just because of my personal taste and not due to the products but it hardly ever happens. I have never had any issue with this team or their service and recently have gotten some amazing strains as seen on my IG @just1doper You can also follow on the "Duby App" So, to name some interesting key features in some strains!....: Pink Daddy....: Oh wow what can I not say about this beautiful luscious bud!.. It is jam packed with crystals from top to bottom. I pulled a piece apart and it was purple all the way throughout the bud and just resinous to the touch, very dank!.. What a beautiful strain with some of the most robust buds I've had in awhile! The product it self is A1. It smokes nice with a nice gas taste and burns a white clean ash!.. Great strain all around!! Lemon NYC Diesel...: Well this stuff has a mixture of some of the nicest attributes a strain can posses .. Truly one of my fav strains.. Slight citrus tinged with a slight bitter sweetness of a dank dank gassy/diesel + fruit, love it.... It is the perfect hybrid ratio to enjoy it all day long and all evening as well ;). I opted in on an Oz of this fire and have not had a second thought as it truly puts some of my mixed salad joints up in flavor and potency.. I love the strains listed but I also have some other strains I will mention at a later time when I have had a chance to try them out a bit more :) .. So far loving on the kinds listed above and few below :D Ahi Tuna Kush *PopCorn Bud* For Only $149/OZ....: You really can not go wrong! This stuff here is a very nice product smells like a rotten tuna fish oh that tuna YUM!.. JUST KIDDING.. Just KIDDING!! This stuff right here is pure FIRE!!.. I had smoked a few fatties as soon as I got it then, jarred it up, burped it, then 2 days later I checked, and it has had a nice slightly unique gassy smell with a distinctly unique taste it was a very nice smoke. I enjoyed this one immensely especially since it was so cheap for the popcorn buds and I was still very impressed with how strong it was Over all 8.75/10 on this one for sure. Right out of the bag a great smoke and an even better deal!!!..As I was assuming I would never be able to afford this when it was only sold in the "AHI TUNA CAN KUSH" lol.. Then I saw this and was super pumped!. Holy Grail Kush....: This strain packs a punch. I see right now why they call this one the "Holy Grail" It is a dank ASF Kush which comes in damn near wearing a crown of crystal and purple lol.. But really, it is loaded with a beautiful purple hue all the way through out the buds which are also resinous to the touch and a nice blanket of crystals gleaming up at you! Very nice smell of a strong kush very "gassy" just what I look for in a put me out smoke. (For a daytime we have the) Alice In Wonderland....: :Alice... ..... Alice......Who the F is Alice!!.. ..Well let me tell you!.. Sativa right here folks... Come one come all for a nice delightful smoke that will keep you going and maybe make you giggle slightly at nothing.. Wondering WTF am I doing then realizing your spacinggggg outttt mannn!!.. Well this is Alice ..... Alice......Who the F is Alice!!.. ..Well let me tell you!.. Would you like to get lost into a temporary other dimension of thought because this sativa will get you thinking :) .. well follow me down the rabbit hole!!..Jokes aside this strain really made my brains wheels spin fast!.. ... I am really fried right now guys and gals..has a nice distinctly unique sativa smell and taste very nice bud texture for a sativa. as well it has a nice bright green and orange color with a great sativa buzz!!... Venom OG: *Hybrid*....: I would also like to mention the Venom OG this is a winner winner chicken dinner or in this case winner winner snake venom dinner ;) This strain has a very nice bud texture and straight out of the bag it was flame on fire!!.. I really dug this one as it had a slightly unusual taste that I can't put my tongue on but I really enjoyed it .. It packs a nice punch and I really like to mix my joints with various strains and this one added in some nice attributes for sure :)! I wish you all well! This has been one of the most satisfying flower orders in a while from this team! ... Also, if you're on the go a lot, just a heavy smoker or, just even love to vape I would strongly suggest you check out their vape pens. I recommend the tucann brand personally first and foremost. Although I just grabbed another phyto 2.0 brand - pineapple pen; as the wife and I both love the fruity pens (she has the watermelon and I have a strawberry). I was surprised by the taste of the pineapple pen! It was very subtle and smooth which made it very enjoyable. It was great to take a huge haul of and blow out a huge cloud of vapor. Nice big vape clouds produced and a great buzz to be had :)!, almost like a distillate or some other form of dank concentrate!.. They also have a smoke bomb brand pen which I personally tried the green apple and really enjoyed it as well.. I was super impressed that none of them were really over powering with like a citrus taste or foul bitter sweet like I have had that in the past but with shitty old style vape pens... So wow, I really actually enjoyed all 3 pens I have tried recently. I can say I enjoy each brand for different reasons and will also likely grab some of them all again because they are just a treat for around family who hate smoking or if you're with friends or somewhere you can't smoke around etc.. Great products all around A1!

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just1doper 4 Reviews
Got a few kinds GG#4/Blue Dream/Black Nuken/Lambs Bread

So I wanted to write up a quick review for this service @thehighclub they have been very friendly to deal with and offer a variety of decent quality flowers . I was impressed by the quality of service I received from The High Club team , They were great to deal with right from the get go!. Blue Dream - Beautiful strong hybrid esq sativa strain with a dank "blue" flavoring if your after a nice strong classic Blue Dream strain I would check this one out!.. Black Nuken: A nice robust bud packed full of fruity terpenes the flavor profile on this was beautiful and a treat to smoke for sure!. Lambs Bread: This is a nice "New to me strain" I loved it had a nice potent sativa smell and taste has a nice mellow yet motivating enough sativa effect to enjoy it for mid day during peak hours and getting stuff done or early morning great smoke all around!!. Purple Space Cookies: A nice classic purple strain indica dominant this one was a little on the dry side I threw a boveda in with it and within a day and a half it was puffed up a bit more with a nice taste and a relaxing buzzto boot! Gorilla Glue#4: Was a very nice looking bud tasted decent more sativa like and burned a clean white ash. I found since it was more sativa leaning it didn't have the usual mellowed glue you to the couch I am used to from gg4,, So I believe this one had a more sativa dominant lineage that over took the indica properties such a unique gg4 experience for myself :)! Wish you all the very best and I have respect for you all!. You're all great!! Thanks for reading, Take care stay blessed and stay lifted fam! Just1doper

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just1doper 4 Reviews
Nice Quality , Nice variety and easy to deal with, (@just1doper IG for photos :D)

I got some Do-si-Dos , Purple Space Cookies , Slumber Kush , & Romulan , I got 3.5G of each strain to test this MOM service out fully, I also opted in for a 1 Gram of their House Blend Shatter, Was a very nice actual shatter consistency , Shattering apart every chance it got and had a beautiful golden amber color ;)! The shatter was a very nice quality melts evenly and tastes great no harshness to the smoke/vape at all , Very smooth in hale and pungent flavorful exhale! The Slumber Kush - Was one of my more favorite strains slightly fluffy bud that has a mild smell of a classic kush and a nice quality subtle gassy kush inhale nice taste on the exhale as well as a full bodied smoke and clean burning white ash!. Do Si Dos - Very nice smoke classy great for the day time , I found this one to be a little more of a productive type of smoke which really comes in handy when you feel that mid day yawns lol!.. I also found it was perfect pair with a morning cup of coffee , Ash burnt clean and white has a nice overall taste and effect :)! Romulan - I have found myself mixing this one in with my joints of Do-Si-Dos and loving it very crystally coated bud and a nice lighter green with a beautiful light orange colored hairs all over the buds , I found this and the Purple Space Cookies to look amazing but did not have the best overall smell right out of the bag but the taste when smoking was decent as well as the bag appeal on the buds were beyond great!.I also should note that in a few days in a air tight jar it gained a bit more potency as well as picked back up some better scent :D! Purple Space Cookies - Beautiful purple covered buds not a hue these are very purple , This strain wasnt super strong smelling didn't really have a smell to much at all , But It did get me where I needed to be when smoking as well as burned a beautiful clean white ash! complaints I would suggest checking the products out for yourself as well as photos of these products on my instagram @just1doper . Thank you HighTHC for a nice all around first order! Wish you all the very best! Just1Doper

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